Penland 2016 fall session

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I visited the Penland School of Crafts for a CERF board meeting, back when I worked there a million years ago. The place is gorgeous. The fact that I was there and it wasn’t for a workshop haunts me to this day.

I’ve got Penland on my Book Arts Bucket List – one day I’ll get back there. This I vow.

They’ve got an amazing lineup of book arts workshops and instructors for their 2016 fall session. Check ’em out:

During Session 2 (October 23 – 29), Mary Uthuppuru is teaching Box Making for Book Artists:

Students in this workshop will create modified clamshell boxes. We’ll discuss how boxes can reflect the nature of the items stored inside while maintaining a cohesive design. Decorative techniques will include raised and recessed surfaces, stenciling, and wrapping curved board edges. While the goal is to learn how to build a specific structure, students will be encouraged to experiment and create components of the project according to their own ideas and inspirations.

I could so use a box making class – I’ve dabbled in it, but my skill set needs work.

During Session 3 (November 6 – 12), Bryce McCloud is teaching Analogue Social Media:

This workshop will tap into the power of printmaking as a handmade social medium. Working with relief printing’s ability to create multiple images, our mission will be to find novel ways to work together and interact with a community. Like playful scientists we’ll create socially-driven printmaking experiments, imagine ways to involve people outside of our studio, and then use the community at Penland as our testing ground. We’ll brainstorm and refine ideas that may be realized during the session or at other times and places. We’ll cover relief printmaking skills and discuss other tactics for engaging the public with your work when you head home.

Check out Bryce’s website – you can feel the spirit in his work. I’m particularly fond of the print he created for the Southern Artisan Cheese Festival. Hooray for cheese!

For the Fall Concentration (September 25 – November 18), Daniel Essig is teaching Books, Relics, Curiosities:

This workshop will use wood to explore and honor elements of the book. After learning the basics of woodshop safety and tool use, we’ll investigate the infinite possibilities of book-based sculpture. Techniques will include carving, turning, burning, sanding, altering, distressing, painting, and bookbinding. Students will be encouraged to collaborate and to explore alternative materials. They can expect to complete a series of book sculptures. We’ll have daily demonstrations as well as discussions of historic and contemporary book forms. Everyone is welcome: book artists, woodworkers, curious beginners, etc.

If I just could get to Penland this fall, I’d be able to cross both that and Dan Essig off my bucket list. Can someone stop time for me so I won’t miss work while I take this workshop?

Registration is open now. Applications are processed on a first-come/first-served basis.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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