Happy National Notebook Day!

National Notebook Day written on a handmade journalI just discovered that today is National Notebook Day. This is the inaugural year for the event – it will take place on the third Thursday of May each year.

I couldn’t find much information about the holiday. I’m assuming that the organizers would like for everyone to just grab a journal and get writing. Wouldn’t one of my journals be perfect for that?

If you’re doing something special today, let folks know about it by using the hashtag nationalnotebookday when posting to social media.

I started wondering how new holidays happen, so I did some poking. In general, it seems that you just declare that something is a holiday and then get others to recognize it.

Apparently, the King of Holidays is Chase’s Calendar of Events. If you get in there, you’re golden. It doesn’t cost anything – just fill out this form and you too can create the holiday of your dreams (and get it in print). The deadline for 2016 submissions has passed, but get thinking for next year!

You can also choose to register your holiday with National Day Calendar. They are less generous with their holiday declarations – you have to be a company or organization to be able to submit.

I guess I have some more thinking to do about Eat Chocolate Twizzlers Until You Start Feeling Sick Day



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