Book Arts and Paper Arts in Japan

Kyoto forest - Book Arts and Paper Arts in Japan

There’s a 98% chance that I’ll be going to Japan for my summer vacation and I can barely contain my excitement! The 2% of uncertainty is due to the fact that we haven’t yet purchased airline tickets.

In usual me fashion, I have begun with the obsessive planning. What does that mean? It means that a spreadsheet was born.

I love spreadsheets. They make me feel like I’m in control.

My spreadsheet includes all of the book arts and paper arts sites that I’ve found during rabbit hole-type Googling – stores, museums, artist studios, and galleries among them. As of today, there are 50ish sites on the list, the majority of them paper-related.

FYI – Just because something is on the list, it doesn’t mean that I’m going there. There’s no way to see all of that during an average-length vacation. Plus I have my hubby to think about – he might want to see other things. Go figure.

If you’re interested in checking out my special brand of crazy, head on over here. And if you’re aware of something that’s not on the list – please let me know! I’m especially interested in visiting a Chiyogami studio – I haven’t had any luck finding one.

Note: I’d like to give a shout out to S.T. Leng of Bukurama Handmade Books, author of this awesome, super-helpful blog post: Let’s go: Bookbinder’s trail Tokyo (Part 1).

Thanks for sharing!



4 Responses to “Book Arts and Paper Arts in Japan”

By Karen Krieger - 19 April 2016 Reply

Hi Elissa — my understanding is that it’s very hard to find a place that will let you watch them print chiyogami. I’ve been trying to find someone who can get me in for a few years. It would be amazing if you can figure that out. Love your list and jealous of your trip. Hope you live blog for those of us lusting after the paper, tools and aesthetics of Japan.

By Elissa - 19 April 2016 Reply

Karen –

Yeah, I’ve hit that Chiyogami wall too. It seems that the first rule of Chiyogami production is that no one gets to see Chiyogami production. I won’t stop looking though – it ain’t over until I get on the plane.

I probably won’t be blogging during my trip – my understanding is that free Wi-Fi is not widely available in Japan. And also because I’d rather be out doing stuff!

I promise to take lots of pictures and I’ll blog extensively upon my return.


By Amy - 19 April 2016 Reply

How exciting! I am looking forward to living vicariously through you, because there is a 98% chance you’ll blog about what you see, I hope 🙂

By Elissa - 19 April 2016 Reply

Amy –

If I do get to go, there’s a 100% chance that I’ll blog about it!

🙂 Elissa

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