Second toroidal book panel – done!


Today I completed the second (and final) panel in my toroidal book. Can you tell I’m excited?

Similarly to the first panel, I started my creative process by reviewing my notes from a workshop with Bonnie StahleckerAn Artist’s Approach to Emboss­ing Leather for Books. For the date in question, I found multiple instances of the word massage with regards to working with leather.

Okay, I could work with that – I like massages. I immediately found myself thinking of the color purple and off I went.

For the base of the piece, I used my Yatsumoto pearlescent watercolors. I bought these on a whim (just like the Caran d’Ache water-soluble pastels) and haven’t been disappointed. While they don’t produce a deep, saturated color, they are great for painting subtle, sparkly layers of color. And these are much cheaper than the pastels – by a lot.

Yatsumoto pearlescent watercolors

First came a light purple layer.

Toroidal book panel

Then I drew rough, wavy lines with wet water-soluble pastels.

Toroidal book panel

After that, I dipped a thin paintbrush in water and loosely traced over the drawn lines – this made the color bleed ever-so-slightly.

Toroidal book panel

Closeup of toroidal book panel

And that was pretty much it – I was done! No circular imagery this time around.

So here’s the completed book in all its toroidal glory:

Handmade toroidal book

I have to say that I’m pretty darn pleased with myself. Another project crossed off the list!

Just one more to go…

5 Responses to “Second toroidal book panel – done!”

By Amy - 11 March 2016 Reply

It IS glorious 🙂

By Karen Krieger - 11 March 2016 Reply

I love how this turned out and also your process — so conceptually loose (as opposed to rigid and tight) and visually fluid at the same time.
Thanks for sharing! — Karen

By Elissa - 14 March 2016 Reply

Karen –

Thanks for your kind words! I feel really self-conscious when it comes to drawing, so your feedback means a lot.


By Penne - 13 March 2016 Reply

What fun to watch your process! Would love to see those water soluble pastels. Nicely done, Elissa.

By Elissa - 14 March 2016 Reply

Penne –

The pastels are really yummy! I don’t use them nearly enough.


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