Editioned books from the 2015 Book Arts Improv – done!

I have ever-so-slowly been making my way down my list of unfinished projects. I just crossed another item off my list – completing two editions from the 2015 Book Arts Improv.

I started by working on the edition of my fourth Improv book – Fabruary

Handmade books by Elissa Campbell

I’m embarrassed by just how easy it was for me to finish this one. All I had to do was print out the inserts on laser vellum, trim them, and put them into the book pockets.

Printed sheets of laser vellum

I didn’t document how I originally cut the sheets of vellum, but it was easy enough to figure out what to do – since the vellum was transparent, I just placed the trimmed inserts over the full sheets and used my ruler to get the measurements.

Printed sheets of laser vellum

Into the pockets they go…and…done!

Handmade books by Elissa Campbell

FYI – I discovered that there’s an entry for Fabruary in the Urban Dictionary.

On to the next edition, my second Improv book – Godzilla, Extreme Couponer. This was another straightforward task – all I had to do was attach the text blocks to the book covers.

Handmade books in progress by Elissa Campbell

This involved gluing down six goat leather straps for each book.

Handmade book in progress by Elissa Campbell

The thing that bugs me about this operation is that when you press down on the straps post-gluing, there’s usually glue seepage. Luckily, this is fixable. A quick swipe with the tip of an awl will get that cleaned up in no time.

Glued leather strap on handmade book

Here they are, all glued. Unfortunately, I did a tight attachment job and the covers were kinda sproingy

Handmade books by Elissa Campbell

I put them into the press overnight and they look much more relaxed now.

Handmade books by Elissa Campbell

Now that these Improv editions are finished, I have some mailing to do – Marcia, Tracy, Velma, and Marianna – you have packages coming your way!

9 Responses to “Editioned books from the 2015 Book Arts Improv – done!”

By velma - 4 February 2016 Reply

you are one amazing bookbinder!

By elissa - 5 February 2016 Reply

Velma –

You’re a peanut. Keep an eye on the mail!

🙂 Elissa

By Penne - 5 February 2016 Reply

Very cool Elissa and good for you to be completing all your projects!

By elissa - 5 February 2016 Reply

Penne –

Thanks! It feels soooo good to get these things done.


By Heather - 14 February 2016 Reply

Love these Improv books! And ‘sproingy’ – what a perfect descriptor…hee hee. 

By Elissa - 14 February 2016 Reply

Heather –

I didn’t even realize that sproingy was a word until I Googled it…or at least Wordnik says that it is. doesn’t acknowledge its existence.

Don’t care. Still like it.


By Marianna - 20 February 2016 Reply

Loved finding my improv book in the mail when we got home from Florida, thanks. Tried sending the photo that Rik set up, hope it comes through.

By Elissa - 22 February 2016 Reply

Marianna –

I’m so glad you like the book!

Sadly, your photo never made it. 🙁 Send it to me via email – that should do the trick.


By Elissa - 23 February 2016 Reply

Here’s Marianna’s awesome pic of my book with James Bond:

Handmade book by Elissa Campbell with miniature car and action figure

Read more about James Bond’s Bad Day here.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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