(Sorta) top secret custom order

I am so psyched for a custom order I’m working on!

I can’t talk about the specifics yet because it’s going to be a gift for someone. I’d hate for the recipient to see the book here before receiving it.

I’ve spent the past four years trying to get Wiggum to hang out with me in my studio and it rarely happens – today, he was very interested in the paper I needed to use for the project.

Silver standard poodle next to open flat file drawer

In a vague nutshell, individual pages are being sent to 100 artists to create artwork for inclusion in the book. The artists have two months to complete their work, after which the pages will be collected and given to me for binding.

Paper was cut…

Stack of paper

…and scored. I added a 0.5″ folded flap (spacer) to the left edge of each page to accommodate any thickness caused by the artwork.

Scoring board, paper and bone folder

Messy pile of folded paper

After all 100 pages were scored and folded, I piled them neatly to see how thick the book might be. At this point, the pages create a 2.75″ thick text block.

Stack of folded paper and ruler

Add in the thickness of the cover boards and the increase in thickness due to swell during sewing – if all 100 artists participate, this book could be over 3.5″ thick!

In reality, there will probably be approximately 35 art pieces/pages in it. The book will be sewn with a coptic binding. My plan is to nest 2 folios together to create the signatures (see below).

2 folded and nested pieces of paper

One of the coolest things about the book is that not only am I binding it, but I also get to create a page for it! I have a connection to the recipient and was asked to participate.

In the future, I’ll be blogging about the art piece I’m creating for the book. It will be a while before the other pages arrive for binding, so stay tuned for updates!

4 Responses to “(Sorta) top secret custom order”

By jason.lemieux - 2 February 2016 Reply

That is a wicket cool gift. Will you be able to blog about the finished book once it has been finished?

By elissa - 3 February 2016 Reply

Jason –

At the very least, I’ll be showing the binding and final structure.

As for the included artwork, I’ll have to ask about that. I really hope I can show it because I know one of the participating artists and she’s amazing!


By marcia - 3 February 2016 Reply

That must be you.

By Elissa - 4 February 2016 Reply

Marcia –

You’re silly!

Nope, it’s someone besides me – and to give you a hint, it’s someone in the book/paper arts field!


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