Islamic binding – actually done!

I received the best email ever this week from my friend Stephanie Wolff.

In this blog post, I talked about my attempt to complete an Islamic binding that I started at PBI. I managed to trim the pages successfully, but found that the book didn’t close properly.

Or so I thought.

Stephanie alerted me to the fact that in an Islamic binding, the fore edge flap goes down before the front cover is closed. So there you have it – my book didn’t close due to user error.

What this means is that my book is really done! Here it is, in its properly-closed glory:

Islamic binding

Islamic binding

By the way, there’s really no excuse for my forgetting how to close the book. Back in 2011, I traveled to Boston to attend the Guild of Book Workers Seminar on Standards of Excellence in Hand Bookbinding – while I was there, I attended Katherine Beaty’s presentation on Islamic Bookbinding.

You’d think that more of what I had learned would have stuck!

If you’re interested in learning more about Islamic bookbinding, check out Katherine’s excellent handout from Standards.

Many thanks to Stephanie for helping me to get closure with my Islamic binding!

6 Responses to “Islamic binding – actually done!”

By Heather - 24 January 2016 Reply

How awesome is that!? The binding is gorgeous. So impressed that you’re re-visiting old projects and taking care of business. Very inspiring!

By Elissa - 25 January 2016 Reply

Heather –

Thanks! It feels really good to cross these things off my (very long) list. I’m sure if I dig more in my studio, I’ll find other things that need to be completed. For now, denial is the name of the game.


By Kris Stewart - 24 January 2016 Reply

I’m so glad you received the email before reworking anything else! Lovely book.

By Elissa - 25 January 2016 Reply

Kris –

Agreed – it would have been pretty ugly here if I had done anything else and later discovered the truth. Really ugly.


By daria wilber - 24 January 2016 Reply


By Elissa - 25 January 2016 Reply

Thanks Daria!


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