Unplanning the planned

Book Arts Improv logo - on hiatusFor the past five years, I’ve spent the month of January engaged in my Book Arts Improv. It has been an adventure, a truly fun and inspiring project. It has taken me to creative places I would have never been otherwise and I love the books I’ve made.

The project is also a big commitment, unfortunately both time-consuming and (sometimes) brain-achy.

I’ve decided to take this year off. I’ll admit that I’m bummed about it, but I think it’s the right thing to do. I’m hoping to jump back into it again in 2017.

So what does that mean for me this month?

Well, the arrival of a new year signals for me the unpleasant task of doing a studio inventory for my taxes. Blech.

As I go through all of my drawers, shelves, and boxes, I rediscover the projects that are oh-so-close to being finished, but haven’t been for one reason or another. More often than not, they’re books that were started at a workshop (raise your hand if you’ve been there).

I decided that during the month of January, I’m going to attempt to complete these projects.

So what do I have?

  • A bunch of editioned books from last year’s Book Arts Improv (oy).
  • A book sewn on cords from a workshop with Patricia Grass at the 2007 Focus on Book Arts conference.
  • An Islamic binding from a workshop with Yasmeen Kahn at the 2013 Paper and Book Intensive.
  • A Wire Edge binding from a Daniel Kelm workshop in 2012.
  • Two panels in a toroidal book created during a workshop with Ken Leslie at the 2014 Paper and Book Intensive.

And that’s not all – I’m hoping to create something new for inclusion in the upcoming Book Arts Guild of Vermont exhibit. Oh, and that exhibit is next month.

No pressure there.

Stay tuned throughout the month to see how things progress – I hope I can cross some things off my list!

4 Responses to “Unplanning the planned”

By Amy - 6 January 2016 Reply

Your Book Arts Improv is so fun. I have loved taking part and cheering you on from a distance. I will miss it this year, but I completely understand the need to finish up loose ends. They weigh on me when they are not done and it feels so good when I can finish them, so good luck! I am rooting for you and cheering you on from a distance for all the things you will accomplish this month 🙂

By Elissa - 13 January 2016 Reply

Amy –

You’re a sweetie! Thanks for your support. Things are so getting done this month.


By Heather - 6 January 2016 Reply

So exciting – can’t wait to see the results of each of these projects! 

By Elissa - 13 January 2016 Reply

Thanks Heather!


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