Thanksgiving Grace

On Thanksgiving day, my niece and nephew joined me in the studio for a couple of bookbinding projects. We started off by making pamphlet stitch books.

Handmade pamphlet stitch book

My nephew quickly got to work on filling up some pages. Here’s one of his entries:

Written page in handmade journal

A translation of his writing:

2015: Today I made this book with Elissa Campbell. I was complaining I didn’t know who or what is sewing. When I first started it was super boring. But still I made this book. I told auntie it would be a great drawing book and cartoon book. This is a picture of Super Frank!

Super boring. At least he’s honest (I love this kid!) – I know that bookbinding isn’t for everyone. 🙂

Despite his dislike for the activity, my nephew continued working with us on a second project (what a trooper). We made an edition of accordion books that contained the grace that we’d be saying at Thanksgiving dinner. The plan was to pass the book around and everyone would read a sentence.

My niece can really work a bone folder!

Gluing accordion book covers

All of the text was handwritten using an organized sequence of extra fine point Sharpies. My niece and I took turns writing sentences on the panels (my nephew had bailed by this point).

Writing in a handmade accordion book

We finished an edition of three, just in time for dinner. All are numbered and signed by the three artists.

Handmade accordion book

Open handmade accordion book with handwritten text

Edition of handmade accordion books

One book went home with my sister’s family, one went to New York with my Mom, and the last copy is in my possession. I think that it will be a great tradition for my family to pass the book around every Thanksgiving.

I’ll always treasure the books and the time I spent with my niece and nephew making them!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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