The origin of accordion love?

They Might Be Giants in concert

Over the weekend I got to see my most favoritest band perform in Burlington, VT – They Might Be Giants. I have loved them forever (well, since 1988 anyway).

I started thinking about the connection between my affinity for accordion books and the fact that one of the TMBG band members plays an accordion.

Accordion Book

Perhaps the band had some magical influence on my journey into book arts?

6 Responses to “The origin of accordion love?”

By Beth - 28 November 2015 Reply

You could be onto something here. I love They Might Be Giants and accordion books too. And does Weird Al figure in here somewhere?

By Elissa - 29 November 2015 Reply

Beth –

Hmmm…very interesting. I also like Weird Al – hello My Bologna!


By Amy - 29 November 2015 Reply

I’m jealous! I saw them play with Fishbone in 1986-7(ish)as a teenager in NYC, but not since then. I’m sure they have ALL kinds of magical influence 🙂

By Elissa - 29 November 2015 Reply

Amy –

I saw them in the mid-90’s with Fishbone as well. They played at Tufts University and they also had Queen Latifah on the bill. I paid just $5.00 for those awesome acts – such a great show!


By Hilke aka buechertiger - 27 February 2016 Reply

I only saw this blog post now. – And I am jealous belatedly 🙂
mhm, mm, mmm, nd I am a snake head eating The head on the opposite side, I palindrome I, mm, mmm, mmm

By Elissa - 2 March 2016 Reply

Hilke –

I’ve been a member of their Instant Fan Club for the past couple of years. Yes, I’m a total fan geek.


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