Botanical Inklings – An awesome Kickstarter project

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Experienced letterpress printer and fellow book artist Sarah Mottaghinejad of Ink and Awl has launched a nifty Kickstarter project. Botanical Inklings will be a be a coloring book like no other – it’s going to be letterpress printed on watercolor paper.

This is just brilliant.

If you’re into coloring books, now you can use any media you want – watercolors, ink, über markers – oh yeah, this paper can take it.

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Sarah’s illustrations are inspired by her love for plant life and work in macro photography. Even without having colored them in, I think that the prints are totally frameable.

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The rewards Sarah’s offering are pretty fantastic. I went for the unbound package, which includes 16 different illustrations. You can also choose a handbound copy of the prints. And if that weren’t enough, one of the rewards offers you the opportunity to participate in the design of one of the prints – you choose a word and a few plants and Sarah will create a custom illustration for you.

So very cool.

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You can follow Sarah’s creative process on Instagram, where she’s been posting images of her sketches (including those custom-designed for backers).

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The Kickstarter campaign is running now through December 1st (until 2:59 a.m. EST, to be precise), so head on over and check out the project. And support it!

2 Responses to “Botanical Inklings – An awesome Kickstarter project”

By Heather - 21 November 2015 Reply

I’ve been ignoring the whole ‘coloring books for grown-ups’ thing. Until now…what a lovely presentation. The illustrations are so clean, and the use of high quality paper means that so much more can be done with this. Thanks for the info – I wish her all success with the campaign.

By Elissa - 23 November 2015 Reply

Heather –

It is an awesome project. As of right now she’s 75% of the way there – I really hope she gets funded.


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