Paper and Book Intensive 2016

Paper and Book Intensive made up logoThe Paper and Book Intensive just published their course descriptions for 2016. Whether or not I’ll be able to attend remains to be seen.

I’ve been to PBI three times so far. I skipped it this year and I could feel it in my bones – I was bummed. I think I’m addicted. Perhaps PBI really stands for Paper and Book Illness?

Next year’s classes are looking fabulous, as usual. As I look over the list, I keep changing my mind about which ones I’d attend. I seem to be drawn to those that are content-driven – that’s my Achilles heel as an artist.

Here are the ones that really caught my eye (at least for today):

Ideation in Action with Julie Chen:

Ideas for content can come from almost anywhere, but are often hard to capture in ways that lead to the focused and creative attention needed to bring an artist’s book to fruition. This workshop will introduce students to strategies for content development that will be useful for both the occasional bookmaker and the professional book art practitioner. Students will do daily content development exercises based on card draws from Artist’s Book Ideation Cards – a deck of cards designed by Julie Chen and Barbara Tetenbaum to help jumpstart the creative process – as well as exercises based on other creative tools and techniques. Together we will build a creative space that will be part art studio, part classroom, and part mad scientist’s laboratory. Participants will experiment with writing, image making, materials and structure/content integration, and will come away with fresh ideas for book projects as well as new approaches for creative practice.

The Unique Print with Georgia Deal:

Explore the many possibilities of the Unique Print! This workshop is designed for printmakers, painters, and book artists interested in the monoprint and its versatility. A wide range of monoprint and monotype techniques will be demonstrated – from painterly and expressive to graphic and specific approaches. Using oil-based printmaking inks, we will investigate direct painting methods, reductive or subtractive approaches, multi-plate registered color printing, monotypes, collage, and mixed-media techniques. Gum transfer printing will be demonstrated, allowing the artist to utilize appropriated images, photographs or personal drawings into this process. Ideal papers for use with monoprinting, including working with handmade papers, will be discussed and experimented with. Chine colle, pochoir, and pressure printing will further inform the artist as to how translate his/her ideas and images into this versatile printmaking medium.

Taking It Out of Context with Sarah Smith:

Sometimes you just need to get the ideas out there. Sometimes you just need to get the ideas at all. Rather than get bogged down with the big idea, the monumental book, or the magnum opus, we’ll focus on the smaller ideas and generating more ideas for more books in simple quick ways. In this class we’ll explore the ideas behind mini-comics, zines and other quick, low-tech productions. Using simple book structures such as one-sheet folds, accordions, pamphlets, super simple albums, and others, we’ll create books loaded with content you never thought you’d come up with. There will be a lot of taking things out of context, twisting people’s words and digging in the kitchen sink. We’ll use source materials such as old manuals, home study course booklets, cook books and whatever else we can get our hands on. Bring original material you might want to work with – or even better – photocopies and scans of that material. We will work on conceptual exercises and narratives with rubber stamps (pre-made and ones you carve yourself), stencil, collage, photocopy transfer, silly putty, pen and ink, rubbings, gel printing and other methods.

I highly recommend going to PBI if you’ve never been – start saving your pennies now. Or go for a scholarship – applications will be accepted from December 1 – 31, 2015.

The general application will be available online starting on January 1, 2016. Workshops fill up quickly, so get your application in early!

4 Responses to “Paper and Book Intensive 2016”

By velma - 6 November 2015 Reply

i so wish i could attend the next pbi.

By elissa - 19 November 2015 Reply

Velma –

Luckily (hopefully) there’s always going to be another one.


By Lizzie - 13 November 2015 Reply

Sounds amazing, Elissa!
So, make a plan, apply for your courses. Make it happen!

By elissa - 19 November 2015 Reply

Lizzie –

I’m working on it!


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