Worktable Wednesday

Today was an accordion book kind of day.

I’ve been working on these babies for the past week or so. I really love making them, mostly because I get to play with brighter and wackier papers than I usually use in my production work. I also use papers that were trimmed from larger projects.

Accordion book covers with ribbon

I spent time folding the long strips of paper that go on the inside of the books. I start by folding them in half, then I trim a little off the ends.

Folded cover weight paper strips

The accordion books have pages/panels that are 4″ x 4″ in size. To help me with the folding, I use my trusty scoring board (thank you Martha). I know I’ve said this before, but I love this thing.

Folding cover weight paper strips

I folded enough paper for 27 books. The next step is to glue them into the covers.

Folded cover weight paper strips

I don’t have accordion books in my shop or on Etsy yet. It’s partially due to the fact that I often only buy one sheet of a particular paper, which limits the number of books I can create in that design. I also haven’t devoted time to taking photos of them – poor, neglected little books.

I hope to have them for sale online soon – if you’re interested in purchasing one before they’re available, just let me know!

4 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday”

By Heather - 5 November 2015 Reply

Accordion books are such fun…love the way you handle the production. I’ve only made a few of them, and really tiny ones, at that, but they are so ripe with possibility! Thanks for showing these!

By elissa - 6 November 2015 Reply

Heather –

Ooohhhh…tiny books are so awesome! What’s the smallest one you’ve made?


By Heather - 6 November 2015 Reply

I LOVE tiny books. The smallest is about an inch and a half high…

By Elissa - 6 November 2015 Reply

Heather –

Cool! I haven’t made any that small yet. One day. 🙂


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