GBW Standards of Excellence Seminar

GBW Seminar 2015 logoThe Guild of Book Workers recently opened up registration for their annual Seminar on Standards of Excellence in Hand Bookbinding. The conference is held in a different location every year and offers presentations by masters in the field of book and paper arts. In addition, the event includes tours of nearby binderies, libraries, and other book arts-related businesses.

This year the seminar is being held in Cleveland, Ohio (U.S.) on October 15 – 17.

This year’s presentations look great – here’s the lineup (from the GBW website):

The Devil is in the Details with Christina Amato:

Creating miniature books, which are generally defined as being under three inches in any dimension, presents a number of challenges as well as creative opportunities. For this presentation, Christina will be demonstrating and discussing making miniature books, with a focus on edition work and dealing with content. Choosing an appropriate binding structure, materials, and tools will be discussed, as well as general tips and tricks.

The Meeting Guard: Its Use Historically and Its Use in Fine Binding, Conservation and Artist Books with Bill Minter:

The binding of certain books can be a challenge: in some cases, the text paper might be too thick or stiff for the book to function properly; in diaries and record books, the writer wants the pages to lay perfectly flat; and in scrapbooks or albums, mounted materials might hinder the opening. These and other challenges can be addressed with a “meeting guard” binding structure.

In this presentation, we will be looking at historical bindings that use the meeting guard and explore its place in artist books and conservation binding. The demonstration will include making meeting guards and sewing them for use on a number of books. The emphasis will be to produce a fully functional book that meets our standards and provides the reader with a book that is user-friendly.

The Paper Has Been Shipped! with Andrea Peterson:

Andrea would like to take you behind the scenes as papermaker and designer by leading you through the process of creating speciality papers for bookbinders. We will be entertaining the possibilties of handmade papers and why a binder would be of any interest. You will see the process of stenciled and watermarked papers as well as more simple paper styles. Andrea will be presenting the components that are most important to handmade paper and binder as they move forward to create amazing works.

Registration is open now through September 29th and they only have space for 150 people. I attended the seminar in 2011 when they held it in Boston – it was fantastic and I highly recommend that you attend if you have the opportunity.

Can’t make it? Live vicariously through handouts from previous year’s presentations.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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