Rustic Leather Journal workshop at Studio Place Arts

I recently taught a new workshop at Studio Place Arts – the Rustic Leather Journal. I had an industrious group of seven women in the workshop.

Bookbinding class at Studio Place Arts

The workshop offered a twist on the coptic stitch binding – instead of using hard covers, we used thick pieces of leather lined with lokta. Another new thing I added was that folks wrapped each signature in a strip of lokta.

Sewing the coptic binding stitch

The double-needle coptic stitch is one that takes a while to get the hang of – once you get it though, it can progress pretty quickly. Participants did a great job of mastering the technique.

Coptic binding in progress

There was a running joke throughout the workshop – anything that came out in an unexpected way (for example, a mistake in stitching) was immediately dubbed “rustic”.

Rustic leather coptic journal

The workshop went by much more quickly than I had anticipated and people finished their books early on in the second day. I added another project to fill the time – punching cradles, which are used to punch holes in signatures. The project filled the time nicely and everyone left with a great tool for making future books.

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By Audra - 28 April 2015 Reply

We make a similar joke in our coptic binding classes, except instead of “rustic” we say it’s more “historically accurate.”

By Elissa - 30 April 2015 Reply

Audra –

Love it! I’ll be sure to use that one going forward. 🙂


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