Worktable Wednesday

At this time, I’m a bit stumped for a storyline for this week’s Improv book. I’m not too worried because it’s still early in the week.

I decided to start off by carving a rubber stamp of a porcupine. This was a fun stamp to work on, although it had a lot of fine detail. Quills are hard!

In the images below you can see how the stamp progressed through the carving process.

Hand-carved stamp in progress

Hand-carved porcupine rubber stamp

Here’s the final stamp. I’m pretty proud of this one.

Hand-carved porcupine rubber stamp

Hand-carved rubber stamped image of porcupine

I’m not sure how (or if) I’ll use it in the final book, but it’s a start. I’m debating whether or not to make a Nutella stamp, but I think I need a specific purpose for it first.

Come back on Saturday to see how it all comes together!

2 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday”

By Velma Bolyard - 28 January 2015 Reply

i love your porky! well done! now you’ve got me wondering if the prickly bears would like nutella…

By Penne - 29 January 2015 Reply

Very cool stamp and sweet rendering of that prickly fellow- hope he makes
it into the book!

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