Book Arts Improv Book #3: James Bond’s Bad Day

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I found myself quickly drawn to a few ideas when thinking about this week’s Improv themes. However, things didn’t really click for me until this morning.

It was the martinis that did it.

I became obsessed with why you never see James Bond in a bad mood. Sure, he gets in tight situations, but he’s always on his game. It bugged me and it had to change.

So, here are the themes I was working with this week…

  • An Irish drinking song: The Moonshiner
  • Something that’s comforting: our Tatra Mt. Sheepdog, Dolina
  • Famous last words: “I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis”

…and here’s James Bond’s Bad Day:

Handmade artist book by Elissa Campbell – “James Bond's Bad Day”

Handmade artist book by Elissa Campbell – “James Bond's Bad Day”

Spine view

The bookboard covers, carved with an inset of a martini glass, were covered with a gold Japanese bookcloth. The text block was printed in Book Antiqua on Mohawk Superfine paper. The end papers are made of a silver Stardream paper. The folded spine was made from an Indian marbled paper that picks up on the navy undertones in the bookcloth.

The book was bound using the Crown Binding, which was created by Hedi Kyle. It’s a brilliant structure with a folded spine that uses no sewing or glue to hold the signatures –  instead, folded triangles at the top and bottom of the spine fold down to secure folios.

Handmade artist book by Elissa Campbell – “James Bond's Bad Day”

Handmade artist book by Elissa Campbell – “James Bond's Bad Day”

Handmade artist book by Elissa Campbell – “James Bond's Bad Day”

I originally tried using the Stardream paper for the spine, but it proved too brittle and cracked. That’s when I decided to switch to a cotton-based paper that was much more forgiving.

I liked using the Crown Binding on the book because it reminded me of how James Bond works for the British Secret Service (get it?).

I had wanted to include some images, but there just wasn’t enough space. The way the paper is folded dictates how many signatures you can have. Two of the signatures were taken up by the title page and the colophon, so that left only four signatures that I could work with.

Here’s the complete text of the book:

I’d rather drive the Honda to work.

Gadgets, shmadgets.

Please stop hitting on me, it’s annoying.

The only one who loves me is my Tatra.

If you don’t like me, leave me alone.

Moneypenny, do you always have to be such a bitch?

Carrying a gun makes my butt look big.

I never should have switched from Scotch to Martinis.

This book was printed in a limited edition of 3 copies.

I’ll be posting the last batch of Improv themes tomorrow, so be sure to come back if you’d like to enter the weekly drawing.

I can’t wait for the final week!

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By Marianna - 25 January 2015 Reply

Another creative piece of work, Very Nice!

By Elissa - 25 January 2015 Reply

Thanks Marianna! One of the copies is coming your way. 🙂


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