Book Arts Improv: Call #1

Book Arts Improv logoWelcome to the first week of the 5th Annual Book Arts Improv!

In case you’re new here, in a nutshell, the Improv is a four-week stretch of improvisational bookmaking. Depending on the content and complexity of the book, an edition of three or more will be created each week.

So here we go…drum roll please…my first call for suggestions:

  1. What’s the last thing you photographed?
  2. A bad response to “I love you”.
  3. Something interesting you keep in your attic or basement.

To participate in the Improv, just comment on this post with a response for each of the three categories listed above. I’d like to keep this suitable for all audiences, so please, nothing offensive.

I will accept suggestions until 5:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, January 6th. On that day, one entry will be selected at random and not only will that person’s suggestions be used for that week’s book, but the winner will also receive a copy of the book.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with – the Improv is open!

27 Responses to “Book Arts Improv: Call #1”

By velma - 4 January 2015 Reply

ok, elissa, here goes!
sugar maple twig in ice storm
old coal furnace (that’s too heavy to haul out)

By Jayne Buckley Sykes - 4 January 2015 Reply

Enjoy, Melissa (and Happy New Year!).
1. My dogs at the beach.
2. “Ditto”.
3. Seven years worth of old bills, receipts, etc.

By Jayne Buckley Sykes - 4 January 2015 Reply

Eek, I hate auto correct, Elissa! Sorry,…

By Elissa - 4 January 2015 Reply

Jayne –

No worries. 🙂


By annedelman - 4 January 2015 Reply

1. Sea Turtle swimming in the Caribbean

2. Silence

3. Live lobsters (in the fridge in the basement) before cooking them

By seley1 - 4 January 2015 Reply

1. The last thing I photographed were my two beautiful adult children that my husband and I visited over the Christmas holiday in Boulder.

2. Oh, dear. I’m sorry to hear that.

3. I emptied out my parent’s home after they had both died. In the basement I discovered several hundred photos of our family that my father had taken. They began with my dad as a young man diving off a cliff into Lake Champlain. There were many photos of my mother as a young woman when they were dating. Later he photographed both my sister and I as we were growing up. It was truly a remarkable gift. Unfortunately, the photo albums had been left on the damp cement floor for a number of years. I was lucky enough to be able to save and scan most of them.

By seley1 - 4 January 2015 Reply

Misspelled word; they are my adult ’children’. Where’s spell check when I need it?


By Elissa - 4 January 2015 Reply

Sidney –

No worries. I fixed it for you. 🙂


By seley1 - 4 January 2015 Reply



By Deb - 4 January 2015 Reply

My artwork, I know, & art supplies – well let’s be honest – art supplies have taken over half the house!

By holzerbindery - 4 January 2015 Reply

1. 2 Big White Dogs – Dolina, 60 lbs, 9 months old & Gazda, 108 lbs, 6 years old

2. “Thats nice honey”

3. 1950s era HiFi, AM/FM, Shortwave Console

Marianna Holzer

By christine.mcdonnell - 4 January 2015 Reply

1. Mountains in Bhutan
2. I know.
3. my daughter’s ice hockey equipment

By Vee - 4 January 2015 Reply

1. Last photo was the back of my router so I could rewire it the same way after dismantling. (Is my life that boring!)
2. Response to I love You was “I love you more than ever” (No. Guess my life is just fine!)
3. In basement (among many other things) are 10 boxes of xmas decorations, 20 boxes of Art books and 4 files of old tax papers.

By Vee - 4 January 2015 Reply

oh, just realized it was supposed to be a bad response. But, I like to remember the good stuff.

By Elissa - 4 January 2015 Reply

Vee –

Don’t worry about it – I’m happy with all responses. 🙂


By Tracy - 4 January 2015 Reply

1. An interesting old keyhole and finger plate.
2. Gosh. I didn’t think you had the time.
3. The hand off an old mannekin.

By Donna M - 4 January 2015 Reply

1. The last thing I photographed was my booth at my last show for the year.
2. Bad response to ‘I Love You’ – My husband and I dated only six weeks before we got married. Every time he said ‘I love you’, I would tell him I couldn’t say it until I really felt the same. It took a year before I said it to him. He finally grew on me. (P.S. Been married 32 years now)
3. I have several boxes of stone sculptures.

By Ellen - 5 January 2015 Reply

1. A book.
2. “What’s for dinner?”
3. Black widow spiders. (I suppose they keep themselves there–I don’t have much choice in the matter. But they do make it an interesting place to visit.)

By Karen Krieger - 5 January 2015 Reply

1) Deer in the back yard
2) I love your wife
3) A trapeze

By Karen - 5 January 2015 Reply

I love this Elissa — so wonderful to watch how your brain works!

1) My daughter and a friend reading their own copies of the same book, squished in one shared chair.
2) “Oh.”
3) A trapeze

By Karen - 5 January 2015 Reply

Sorry I entered twice and then checked my camera…my bad!

By Elissa - 5 January 2015 Reply


Which of your entries do you want me to use?


By Karen Krieger - 5 January 2015 Reply

Use the second one please!

By marcia - 5 January 2015 Reply

1. my 2:00 shadow in a snowy field.
2. ‘You certainly don’t know how to show it.’
3. my brother in law’s ashes

By Heather - 5 January 2015 Reply

1. Olivia, on her 10th birthday, playing “baby lion” with me.
2. A mumbled insincere, ” you too” (U2?)
3. Old model train sets

By Mary Ann - 5 January 2015 Reply

1. My husband and myself on the steps of the courthouse for our wedding.
2. We need to talk
3. Old fish tank

By Amy - 5 January 2015 Reply

1. attacking seagulls
2. You have spinach on your teeth.
3. snorkeling equipment

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