The Collapsible Book Cradle, revisited

A while ago, I shared a collapsible book cradle designed by a friend of mine, Elizabeth Rideout.

Collapsible book cradle

Cradle open

Collapsible book cradle

Cradle folded

Recently, the Preservation Lab of the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County and the University of Cincinnati Libraries developed instructions for making one, based solely on the images in my blog post. The talent behind the instructions is conservation technician Chris Voynovich. I’m so impressed by his abilities!

If you’re interested in making your own, check out the Preservation Lab’s instructions.

6 Responses to “The Collapsible Book Cradle, revisited”

By Karen Krieger - 24 December 2014 Reply

That’s so cool Elissa – congrats!


By Penne - 30 December 2014 Reply

Very cool structure, thanks for posting it.

By Don Reynolds - 10 September 2017 Reply

I’ve read the instructions you refer to. Could someone please indicate what the Volara Spacers are used for? I don’t seem to see them in the pictures on this site. Thanks. Don

By Elissa - 10 September 2017 Reply

Hi Don,

From what I can see in the directions, the Volara spacers are placed in the center of the base of the cradle – the two sloping sides butt up against its edges. You pick the spacer width that is most appropriate for your book and place it in the base. The spine of your book rests on the spacer and the book covers rest on the sloping sides.

I hope that helps.


By Don Reynolds - 11 September 2017 Reply


Thank you! Mystery solved.

By Elissa - 18 September 2017 Reply

Don –

Awesome! Glad to hear it.


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