Women’s Festival of Crafts recap

This past weekend I exhibited my work at the Women’s Festival of Crafts in Burlington, VT. This was the 25th year for the show – happy silver anniversary!

The show is really competitive to get into. They publish the application online and you really have to send it in that day – they accept people by postmark (it’s not juried). This year I was on vacation at Yellowstone National Park when the application went live. I had to travel out of the park and find a copy shop where I could print out the application. I don’t think it was how my husband wanted to spend that day of our vacation. Thankfully, the time spent was worth it and I was accepted into the show.

As usual, big thanks go out to my hubby for helping me set up the booth. It’s a lot to do by yourself in three hours, first thing in the morning. It takes a while to get your booth brain going.

Setting up craft show booth

It always amazes me how this pile of stuff turns into a booth. It just doesn’t look that interesting at this point in the process.

Plastic tubs & crates full of craft show supplies

But here it is, all set up!

Craft show booth - Blue Roof Designs

That table in the left corner has a lot of stuff underneath it – that’s where I store my back stock during the show.

Pile of handmade books and plastic tubs

The show was very busy and I had a great time talking to customers and catching up with my artist friends. One of the down sides to exhibiting in a show is that it’s hard to get out and see what other people are selling. I don’t like to wander far from my booth because I want to be able to answer any questions folks might have.

Women's Festival of Crafts

View from my booth

Here’s hoping that I can get in again next year!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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