Paper and Book Intensive 2015

Made-up logo for the Paper and Book Intensive

The Paper and Book Intensive recently announced their lineup for 2015. Unfortunately, I can’t attend because it overlaps with Memorial Day Weekend, which is when I participate in Open Studio Weekend. Sadness.

Luckily, there is nothing to stop me from drooling over the offerings. Seriously, I’m going to need a sponge.

Here are the workshops that caught my eye:

96 Con­nec­tions in 96 Hours: A Con­cep­tual Bind­ing Work­shop with Tate Shaw

This intensive workshop will explore creating books as a means of expression, communication, and for the exploration of ideas. Participants will investigate conceptual binding by forming connections between images, texts, and materials. Using the digital page layout software InDesign, each person will create a thoughtful first draft of a book they have creatively authored.


Over the course of the four days, participants will explore the book form through creative exercises, studying examples of artists’ books, photobooks, writing, music, and cinema structures, and thoroughly investigating a codex book’s discrete parts: the page, the opening, turnings, and development.

Box­mak­ing for Book Artists with Mary Uthup­puru

Students will learn how to construct professional enclosures for artist books using materials and techniques creatively. We will discuss ways that the boxes can reference the nature of the item or items inside while maintaining a cohesive design. We will explore a range of materials, both traditional and uncommon, as they can be applied to enclosures and books. Through the creation of a variety of plaquettes, we will also explore decorative techniques such as raised and recessed surfaces, stenciling, and wrapping curved board edges. The project made in class will house the practice plaquettes, contain a secret compartment held closed with magnets, and have a divided tray within the secret compartment with inset options, giving students more practice with unusual interiors. This workshop will be perfect for book artists and anyone interested in box making.

From Block to Book: Color Wood­cuts for Book Con­tent with Karen Kunc

This hands-on workshop works with printing color reduction woodcut images that become the pages of a hand bound book. Quantities of pages will be generated using the woodblocks for an edition or with a monotype approach that steer the book structure and presentation. Low tech methods for text printing will be introduced, and can include rubber stamping, carving in reverse onto wood, pasting type down onto a collagraph plate, using old wood type and a portable proof press. All will be brought together for a bound or accordion folded book. Oil-base and water-base inks will be used. Concepts for invention, multi-level sensory experience and good fun will be directed in a collaborative atmosphere. The book as an edition and as a unique object will both be explored, while image making and found sources will be translated into efficient – and meaningful — sequences.

Of course, all of the workshops offered look amazing. I highly recommend going to PBI if you’ve never gone before – it’s a fabulous experience.

Scholarship applications will be accepted starting on December 1st and the general application will be available on January 1, 2015. Workshops fill up quickly, so move fast if you want to go. You can view the full roster of workshops on the PBI website.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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