Weston Craft Show tenure – woohoo!

Handmade book by Elissa CampbellI am thrilled to announce that I was chosen for tenure for the Weston Craft Show class of 2018!

What that means is that I’m guaranteed a spot in the show for the next four years (no jurying). Wondering what to do on Columbus Day weekend 2016? Come to the Weston Craft Show – I’ll be there!

Many thanks to the Tenure Committee for selecting me and for having faith in me and my work.

6 Responses to “Weston Craft Show tenure – woohoo!”

By Janet - 7 November 2014 Reply

Congratulations and good luck at the show!

By Elissa - 7 November 2014 Reply

Janet –

Thanks so much! I really love this show. 🙂


By Sonia Rae - 7 November 2014 Reply

Congratulations Elissa!

By Elissa - 7 November 2014 Reply

Sonia –



By Jayne Buckley Sykes - 7 November 2014 Reply

Fantastic! They made a great choice.

By Elissa - 9 November 2014 Reply

Jayne –

Thanks! I kinda like me too. 🙂


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