Worktable Wednesday

I spent today preparing for an upcoming (this Friday) workshop at the Vermont Art Teachers Association‘s fall conference. I’m teaching Keith Smith‘s Diamond X binding from his book Volume II Non-Adhesive Binding: 1-2- & 3-Section Sewings.

Making the kits takes some time. There’s cutting the leather and paper…

Pile of paper

…and getting the thread into a big fat knot while trying to cut pieces off. This seems to be a trend with me, big fat knots.

Bookbinding supply kit and thread

Then everything goes into shiny bags. I like shiny things.

Bookbinding supply kits

Then I start the furious dumping of stuff on the table. On the left, you can see my workshop checklist – it’s very handy when I get into the “I need this and this and this” phase. You can also see my very large sewing poster – I find it easier to demonstrate bindings on a large piece of paper – I can mark off the sewing stations, which makes it easier for folks to follow along.

Messy worktable

I’ve been slow in preparing for this workshop because I’m still recovering from the Weston Craft Show (which was awesome). There are piles of stuff in the entryway of my house that need to be cleaned up. My hubby is a saint for not complaining.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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