Wonderful Wednesday

When my phone rings at 9:00 a.m., odds are that it’s a telemarketer. I quickly tell Mr. or Ms. Talker that I’d like to be removed from the calling list. I usually waste no time.

Good thing I didn’t launch into my shpiel today, because this was not the usual call. One of my customers called to tell me that she had a bunch of bookmaking books and supplies that she wanted to give to me (she was a teacher). Then she drove from an hour away to drop everything off – I was floored by her generosity!

The collection of books included many titles not already in my library, which is amazing because I have a lot of bookbinding books. In general, the books were teacher-focused – this is perfect for me because I’m on the Vermont Arts Council’s Teaching Artist Roster and I’m always looking to improve my teaching skills. I was especially thrilled to see a copy of Paul Johnson’s A Book of One’s Own, a book I’ve long had on my wish list.

Pile of bookbinding books

In addition to the books, I also received supplies and a number of kits for both bookbinding and papermaking. I’m looking forward to working on some of these with my niece.

Pile of bookmaking & papermaking kits

Whatever I decide not to keep, I’ll be giving those away to folks in the Book Arts Guild of Vermont. I figure that the least I can do is pay it forward.

Many thanks to Carol for the wonderful gift!

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