Experiencing technical difficulties

computer motherboard

It seems that there was some very bad computer fallout after my last blog post. Those who subscribed to my blog received an unholy number of notifications and for that, I am so SO sorry.

I want to reassure you that it was not virus-related. Apparently the notification got caught up in some kind of weird loop thing that made the sending computer think that the email never went out. I hope that makes sense. I believe the problem has been resolved.

Thanks to all of you for hanging in there with me. And I sincerely hope that you don’t get this notification 100 times.

8 Responses to “Experiencing technical difficulties”

By jason.lemieux - 12 September 2014 Reply

Sorry to hear that, Elissa! I’ll hang in there with you.

By Elissa - 13 September 2014 Reply

Jason –

Glad to hear it. 🙂


By Louise - 13 September 2014 Reply

no problems here Elissa, I missed the dreaded loop
looking forward to your next post

By Elissa - 13 September 2014 Reply

Louise –

I’m so glad to hear that not everyone was afflicted!


By dylan - 13 September 2014 Reply

It’s worth it, the emails are so nice.

By Elissa - 15 September 2014 Reply

Dylan –

Thanks! I’m happy to send you more of them. One at a time, of course. 🙂


By Karen - 14 September 2014 Reply

Handmade journals, photo albums and guest books | Blue Roof Designs | Experiencing technical difficulties

This time I only received TWO copies …..

By Elissa - 15 September 2014 Reply

Karen –

Wait – should I be apologizing to people for having received too few Emails? Oy!


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