Silver custom order

I’ve been working on a custom order for a photo album – the customer will be bringing me album pages pre-printed with photos to be bound into the album. I love these kinds of personalized books.

The combination of materials she chose is quite lovely – a silver handmade paper with ivory baby’s breath, grey bookcloth, and an ivory iridescent ribbon.

Handmade paper, bookcloth, and ribbon

Since I’m heading into craft show season, I decided to cut a few sheets of bookboard, instead of just cutting what I needed for the order.

Pile of bookboard

After drilling the spine holes in the board, it was time to start the binding process.

Handmade photo album covers in progress

I had a special request for infills on the inside covers, which isn’t standard with my production lines. Infills help to even out the surface of the board so you don’t see any paper edges when you glue down end sheets.

Handmade photo album covers in progress

The covers are now in the press so that they can dry flat. Warped covers make Elissa sad.

I’ll be sure to show you the completed photo album once it’s all bound.

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