Worktable Wednesday

Today I spent a lot of time folding paper for accordion books. Folding, folding, folding.

Folded cardstock

I’ve accumulated quite a few sets of covers that are just waiting to be filled.

Accordion book covers

We’re empty!

Accordion book covers

Fill us!

I also worked on lining leather with lokta paper. These will be covers for coptic journals I’ll be binding at this Saturday’s Demos and Desserts at the Miller’s Thumb gallery.


I spent the majority of my time working on a final report for the Vermont Arts Council – this was for the grant I received to go to the Paper and Book Intensive. I am a chronic self-editor, so there was lots of typing and erasing.

I finally printed out a draft and forced asked my hubby to look it over. Once he gave me the okay, I decided that I had spent enough time on it.

I hope I spent enough time on it. The grant was such a wonderful gift to receive!

4 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday”

By deb - 28 August 2014 Reply

Wow! You have been productive – good for you!

“my secret jealous lover (my work) is always there waiting for me… he whispers in my ear that there is not much time left for what I am meant to do” Niki de Saint Phalle

By Elissa - 29 August 2014 Reply

Deb –

I definitely gave my folding fingers a workout. I’m gearing up for this season’s craft shows, so I have to pick up the pace!


By Sonia Rae - 29 August 2014 Reply

This morning I had the pleasure of reading your Vermont Arts Council grant report and can reassure you that you spent enough time on it. It was a pleasure to read about everything you learned at the conference. Thank you! I look forward to seeing new work rolling out of your studio.

By Elissa - 29 August 2014 Reply

Sonia –

[breathing sigh of relief]

Glad to hear that my report passed the test. I want to be worthy of my grant!


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