Wayback Wednesday

Right around the time I got my Kelsey, I made contact with Dick Goodwin, letterpress dude. He was so generous with his time and skill, giving me a tour of his shop and sharing his knowledge about the basics (I still have a lot to learn).

Dick Goodwin - letterpress dude

He’s been collecting letterpress equipment since 1961 and it is quite the spectacular collection.

Rulers hanging on pegboard

Dick Goodwin's letterpress shop

Wood furniture and furniture cabinet for letterpress

I was lucky enough to acquire a cabinet from Dick so that I can put my soon-to-be-mine type in it. It’s a Ludlow cabinet with 20 cases in it. The thing is a behemoth and it weighs a bajillion pounds.

There’s no room in my studio for the cabinet, so it lives smack in the middle of our home office (there’s no room in there either). The plan is for our office to move upstairs so that I can take over the room. At that point, I’ll have enough space to get a small letterpress shop going.

I’m not sure how long that will take to happen. Until then, I have vowed to stop bringing home big things for the studio. Big sheets of paper not included.

4 Responses to “Wayback Wednesday”

By Kristin - 21 August 2014 Reply

I know what you mean, it is so hard to leave cool big things because who knows how soon you’ll see something of their ilk again!

(and regarding big sheets of paper, same boat. Looooooove big sheets of paper.)

By Elissa - 25 August 2014 Reply

Kristin –

The big issue is that I have to stop watching the bindery and letterpress auctions…those are really hard to resist.


By velma - 31 August 2014 Reply

big paper doesn’t count because you can make it smaller, right? that leaves room for other BIG things…

By Elissa - 1 September 2014 Reply

Velma –

I like the way you think!


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