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I’m making a few changes on my website and there’s dust flying all over the place!

The biggie is that I’ve opened up a store, so now you can buy my handmade books directly from me instead of going to Etsy. I’m still working out the bugs (my images are a bit blurry), but I’m already much happier with how people can view my work.

The other change involves my commenting system. I’ve added a WordPress plugin that will allow you to respond to blog posts via Email. What makes this interesting is that you can reply to your Email and it will carry your reply over to the blog post, all without you having to visit the post – just reply and you’re done!

In order for this to work, you just subscribe to my blog posts via Email. Some of you may already be subscribed to my posts via Feedburner – soon this won’t work anymore. What I’ve done is invited all of you Feedburner folks (and those who’ve commented on my blog directly) to join the new system.

If you received an Email from me about this, it’s not spam. It’s the real deal. If you have privacy concerns, feel free to check out my privacy policy.

If you have any questions or comments about the changes, just let me know. I’d love it if you’d continue being part of the Blue Roof Designs community!

4 Responses to “Website changes”

By jason.lemieux - 20 August 2014 Reply

Cool! I love the idea of commenting by email. Everyone should do that.

By Elissa - 21 August 2014 Reply

Jason –

I agree – hopefully it will be contagious!


By Karen C - 24 August 2014 Reply

Nifty. I’ve been using MailPress for some time, but it kinda bums me out that many people email replies instead of commenting on-site. What plugin are you using?

By Elissa - 25 August 2014 Reply

Karen –

The plugin is called Prompt – it’s in alpha testing right now, so it’s really new. I’m liking it so far.


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