Wayback Wednesday

I have a backlog of blog posts (backblog?) that have never been completed and it’s bumming me out. I still want to share the content, so I’ll be publishing under the heading of Wayback Wednesday for these posts.

Several years ago, I posted on Twitter that I liked a hand-carved wood bone folder made by Randy Arnold. I received a wonderful response from Todd Sanders who offered to make me one. I was so touched by his generosity that I decided to make him a bone folder book in return.

Handmade book shaped like bone folder

The cover is bookboard covered with several layers of Kinwashi tissue. The pages are made from French Paper Speckletone True White text. It was bound using a double-needle coptic stitch with 4-ply waxed linen thread.

Handmade book shaped like bone folder

This book was a serious undertaking – it had 27 signatures. It was supposed to have 30, but I ran out of thread. To shape the pages, I created a template out of bookboard and traced around it with my knife. I had some major hand pain after all the cutting!

Handmade book shaped like bone folder

After spending hours on the binding, I briefly considered keeping the book for myself. Then I got over my crazy self and remembered the reason why I made the book. I know that Todd is giving my book a good home!

4 Responses to “Wayback Wednesday”

By Amy - 8 August 2014 Reply

It’s just gorgeous, Elissa! I have some heart shaped book board cut out, but haven’t got around to cutting pages. It makes my hand hurt just to think about it…

By Elissa - 9 August 2014 Reply

Amy –

Thanks! Yeah, a heart-shaped book would definitely cause some hand pain.


By Carol - 8 August 2014 Reply

Elissa, this is so cool! I’m sure these days there must be an easier way to carve the text block. Not sure what but I’d love to have a go with my Dremel, maybe. Great book, lucky Todd!

By Elissa - 9 August 2014 Reply

Carol –

Thanks! I do wonder if you could compress a stack of signatures together and shape the block with a Dremel. Putting it on my list of things to try…


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