Worktable Wednesday

I have had this stack of leather pieces forever. I don’t even remember when or why I bought them. I think they came from Ebay.

Stack of leather pieces

They’ve been sitting in a box, just waiting to be used. Well, I finally got the motivation to do something with them – I decided to try making a coptic journal with leather covers.

I haven’t seen many journals made with soft leather covers and perhaps there’s a reason for that. This leather is on the thick side, so I thought it might work.

I lined the suede side of the leather with lokta paper. I love lokta because it’s strong and has a fabric-y feel to it.


Next I punched holes in my pages.



I used my Dremel with a small drill bit to create the holes in my cover. I’m not sure why I didn’t just use my Japanese screw punch. The Dremel worked great – it made clean holes.


Then came the sewing – a two-needle coptic stitch. Attaching the cover took a while because it was floppy. I found it easier to sew the book when I had it resting on a piece of bookboard – it helped to keep the cover stable.

Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out. It feels really great in your hands – the covers are nice and soft.



I going to try making another one using vintage atlas pages for the inside of the covers – I’m curious how they’ll hold up as the paper isn’t as soft as lokta.

3 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday”

By Janet - 1 August 2014 Reply

Elissa, would spraying your atlas pages with a preservative prior to adhering to the inside of the leather covers give them some elasticity and added strength?

By Elissa - 1 August 2014 Reply

Janet –

Sounds good to me! What would you recommend?


By janet - 2 August 2014 Reply

Late response – I was out all day yesterday. I’ll experiment with something I’ve used on painted watercolor paper, made into a wallet of sorts, and get back to you.

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