Design­ing Toroidal Books with Ken Leslie – Day 4

Today was the last class of the first PBI session. [sad] I started the morning by making a backing board – you laminate three layers of paper together and cut it the width of two of your book panels. You can then slide it in behind a 2-page spread and have a stiff backing to work against.

Another great idea from Ken.


After I completed the backing board, I worked on today’s PBI image. Here’s how/who I am today:


I continue to be inspired by round shapes. This seemed to be a logical lead-in to today’s effort – creating my own round toroidal book from scratch. I knew that this was going to be hard because a few days had passed since we learned the magic formula.

We drew our large circles using string looped around a push pin with a pencil at the other end. Apparently, they don’t make extra large compasses. I managed to get my circle looking circle-y. Next, I had to do the math required to determine the width of my panels (there were eight of them).

I lost track of how many times I redid my measurements until I got the layout right. And even then, I was rushing so I’m not sure that I did that great a job. Nevertheless, I was determined to move ahead with it. I trimmed my circle and scored my lines…


…and not-so-quite voila! I had a round book.


It was wonky, but it was mine. I asked Ken how I might be able to make it okay and he told me that the best way to do that was for me to just be okay with it. Fine by me.

If I were to do this again, I would be much more careful with my measurements and wouldn’t rush. It’s so hard to focus when you see the clock ticking down.


Ken taught us how to make cases for our round books, but I didn’t have time to make one. I’ll have to come up with another type of closure so that the book stays secure.

Overall, I’m happy with the work I did in the last four days. I have two blank books ready for content when I get home. Now I get to extend PBI beyond the session. 🙂


7 Responses to “Design­ing Toroidal Books with Ken Leslie – Day 4”

By Amy - 15 May 2014 Reply

Thanks for the window into your adventure at PBI! The comment from Ken Leslie about being okay with it reminds of what my mother always said about sewing projects, “If you can’t see it from a running horse, then it doesn’t matter.” Have a safe trip home!

By Elissa - 16 May 2014 Reply

Amy –

I’m not going home yet – there’s still another session to go. I love the saying about the running horse. 🙂


By Amy - 17 May 2014 Reply

Oh good, more PBI! I’m looking forward to hearing more quotes 🙂

By Velma Bolyard - 16 May 2014 Reply

oooh, another session…four more days of brain drain and total delight!

By Elissa - 22 May 2014 Reply

Velma –

Brain drain and body drain – I’m exhausted!


By Kristin - 29 May 2014 Reply

Ask me about compass rulers for giant circles next time you’re in the shop. There’s a style I can get that’s pretty cool…

By Elissa - 29 May 2014 Reply

Kristin –

Ooohhh…that sounds a lot more accurate than the string and pushpin method.


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