Worktable Wednesday

This week I’m working on a custom order for a wedding – 115 accordion pocket folders that will be used for guest information packets. They’ll likely include directions, maps, and other details pertinent to the wedding for out-of-town guests.

As you can imagine, this involves much cutting and folding. Today was spent doing a lot of both.

Paper folding in progress

Pile of folded paper

Here’s what the finished product will look like:

Accordion pocket folder

I have lots of cutting and folding to do tomorrow – I have to get these done before I leave for PBI this weekend!

3 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday”

By Amy - 9 May 2014 Reply

Have fun at PBI! I love to living vicariously through you each year 🙂

By Elissa - 9 May 2014 Reply

Amy –

Thanks! I’ll be posting while I’m away.


By Amy - 9 May 2014 Reply

I’m looking forward to it!

By the way, my first comment is bugging me. I know (some) grammar, but am obviously not a good editor. 🙂

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