Gifted leather journals

I recently received the most wonderful gift from a former student – a batch of leather. I’ve been busily working on some journals so that the leather doesn’t go to waste.

There was a large piece of sage green leather and I used it for two different bindings. The first was a longstitch binding…

Handmade leather journals

Handmade leather journals

 …and the second was a Keith Smith binding, The Rope.

Handmade leather journals

Handmade leather journals

My lovely pile also included some awesome shiny red leather which for some reason reminds me of motorcycles. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a motorcycle with red leather seats, but I imagine that it would look cool.

Anyway, I used the red leather for the next group of journals and bound them with another Keith Smith binding, Diamond X.

Handmade leather journals

Handmade leather journal

I’m pretty sure that I’ll be teaching the Diamond X binding at July’s meeting of the Book Arts Guild of Vermont. Stay tuned for more information!

2 Responses to “Gifted leather journals”

By Carol - 30 April 2014 Reply

What a wonderful gift! You’ve made some lovely journals here, your student will be proud of you, I’m sure. Love the Rope and the Diamond X bindings.

By marcia - 1 May 2014 Reply

Can’t wait to learn these, especially ‘the rope’.

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