Worktable Wednesday

Today I worked on preparations for my upcoming Star and Tunnel Books workshop at Studio Place Arts.

I always underestimate how much time I’ll need to prepare, so this time I got started early. I have a checklist to help me make sure that I don’t forget anything.

Stacks of paper on worktable

I love making workshop kits. There’s just something about cutting up materials that you know will soon become books. And it feels nurturing to put everything a student will need into a packet. Maybe it’s reminding me of packing a school lunch?

Bookbinding workshop kits

I make resource booklets for all of my workshops. They contain information about tools and materials used, measurements, bookbinding supply vendors, related tutorials, and a bibliography. I try to tailor everything to the particular workshop. Each booklet is handbound by me using a pamphlet stitch.

Bookbinding workshop resource booklet

I’m looking forward to this weekend’s class!

4 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday”

By amanda - 28 March 2014 Reply

These look great! I wish I could come. You’re obviously a natural teacher.

By Elissa - 29 March 2014 Reply

Amanda –

Thanks so much! I love teaching and wish I did more of it.


By velma - 2 April 2014 Reply

elissa, i read this and i think of claire van vliet and how she, too, made beautiful kits for our two day workshop. me, i don’t do that…there’s a lot of teaching students how to sort it all out themselves…with lots of paper to touch all the while!

By Elissa - 2 April 2014 Reply

Velma –

You’re so lucky to have taken a workshop with Claire. I envy you!


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