Worktable Wednesday

  Japanese stab binding book covers and chopsticks

Today I finished up seven chopstick journals that have been sitting in my studio, unfinished, for several months. Those covers were just taunting me from my shelves – Hey lady, make us into books!

I feel much better now.

Japanese stab binding book covers and pages

Japanese stab binding in progress

Handmade Japanese stab bound books

I need to get the green journal on Etsy. I have to take some new photographs of it to make that happen. Adding it to the to-do list…

2 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday”

By Gale Everett - 25 March 2014 Reply

Thanks for the link to my site. Your books are so beautiful!

By Elissa - 25 March 2014 Reply

Gale –

Thanks to you! You wrote an awesome accordion book tutorial. 🙂


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