Supplier Rave – Colophon Book Arts Supply

One of my favorite suppliers of bookbinding goodies is Nancy Morains, owner of Colophon Book Arts Supply. She attends the Paper and Book Intensive, as well as the Focus on Book Arts conferences. It’s really hard to resist her selection of bookbinding supplies.

I buy my Duo and Dubletta bookcloths from her – I don’t know of any other supplier that has it. I also buy hand-dyed linen thread and tools. She makes wonderful marbled papers. You can see some of the papers I purchased from her below.

Hand-marbled paper

Hand-marbled paper

Hand-marbled paper

Nancy also teaches workshops. She’s awesome. And a sweetie.

If you know she’ll be at an event you’re attending, you can place an order with her in advance and she’ll have it ready for you to pick up. Not only does this save you shipping costs, but it also allows you to purchase items in larger quantities than she might ordinarily have on hand.

If you’d like to learn more about Nancy, you can listen to a podcast interview on the Book Artists and Poets podcast.

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By velma - 19 February 2014 Reply

nancy IS a sweetie. and is great fun to hang out with!

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