Worktable Wednesday

Ever since I taught my travel journal class at Studio Place Arts, I’ve had this hankering for making a journal for a special kind of travel. I am working on a prototype for my soon-to-be travel journal for those going to outer space!

Yes, I know this is weird. I think that I just want to go to outer space. Yeah, I do.

The covers of the journal are covered in this awesome white pearlized bookcloth (Chromo) that looks like spacesuit material. I have carved an inset in the board to accommodate a badge for space exploration. The badge is a real thing! You can earn it as a scout in Canada.

Journal book covers

The end pages of the book are made from pages of Stars by Isaac Asimov. This book was published in 1968 and has awesome vintage illustrations of spacey things.

Book cover - Stars by Isaac Asimov

I sprayed the pages with deacidification spray before gluing them to the covers of the book.

End pages of glued book covers

I only have enough book pages to create 7 journals, so this will be a limited edition (unless I can find another copy of the book). I have enough badges to make twelve. The journal will be bound with a coptic stitch.

I’ll post pictures of the book when it’s completed!

2 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday”

By Amy - 14 February 2014 Reply

How fun! I esp. love the inset badge 🙂

By Elissa - 19 February 2014 Reply

Thanks Amy!


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