Where do you get your paper?

Sheets of paperI often get asked where I get my paper. It’s a complicated question because the answer is really “everywhere”. I do have a few wholesale sources, but I’m keeping those to myself (sorry).

I will, however, happily start with my online sources:

I have a friend who used to make paper in Vermont, but he retired [sadness]. Luckily, he still has a large stash of his paper, so I buy from him occasionally. You can buy paper from him online from his Etsy shop.

Whenever I attend a book arts event or conference, I always end up buying paper. I try to resist, but it’s really pointless. As soon as my hubby and I plan to take a vacation, first thing I do is try to locate any paper stores on our route. I bring my tube with me so I can travel safely with my goodies.

The strangest place I ever bought paper was from a hardware store in Japan Town in San Francisco. More obvious sources are local art and stationery stores – they usually carry sheets of acid-free gift wrap along with handmade papers. My advice is to just always keep your eyes open – if you’re a paper junkie, then the paper will find you.

Where do you find your paper?

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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