Book Arts Improv: Week #4 Themes

Many thanks to everyone who entered this week’s Book Arts Improv!

Here’s this week’s winning entry…

Random number generator

number 1!

Congrats to Shira Lea!

This week’s themes are as follows:

  • Wishing that there were a pill I could use to treat this in other people: Selfishness
  • This should really become a national holiday: National Read A Book Day
  • An unfortunate allergy: Food

The Book Arts Improv grand prize winner will be drawn on Monday, February 3rd – the prize is a set of books that includes one of each of the four books created during the Improv.

Everyone who has posted suggestions for the past four weeks will be entered into the drawing. If you have participated in the Improv for more than one week, each week’s post will count as one entry – if you’ve been following me for four weeks, then your odds are better.

Come back to see this week’s completed book on Saturday and find out who wins the grand prize on Monday!


2 Responses to “Book Arts Improv: Week #4 Themes”

By Louis J. Cassorla - 28 January 2014 Reply

Three out of four winners this year were number one. Randomness is so wonderfully unpredictable!

By Elissa - 29 January 2014 Reply

Louis –

I noticed that too – so weird!


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