Book Arts Improv: Week #3 Themes

Many thanks to everyone who entered this week’s Book Arts Improv!

My husband and I are binge watching Breaking Bad, which made me think of the following rejected crayon color – Walter White.

And since I can’t enter my own contest, I present this week’s winning entry…

Random number generator

number 5!

Congrats to Velma!

This week’s themes are as follows:

  • A line you’ve heard at the movies way too many times: I want what she’s having
  • A rejected crayon color: Puce
  • What you wanted to be when you grew up: Veterinarian

The last call for suggestions will be posted on Sunday, January 26th and they will be completely different from those posted this week.

Come back to see this week’s completed book on Saturday!

4 Responses to “Book Arts Improv: Week #3 Themes”

By Shira Lea - 21 January 2014 Reply

I’m so bummed that I didn’t win yet again…I had such high hopes this time.
Oh well, there’s still 1 more week.

Congrats, Velma!

By Elissa - 22 January 2014 Reply

Shira Lea –

I’ll cross my fingers for you next week. Actually, I cross my fingers for everyone every week…


By velma - 22 January 2014 Reply

wow…i have grand luck at blue roof! i can’t help but love this contest…

By Elissa - 22 January 2014 Reply

Velma –

I look forward to working on your book this week!


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