Worktable Wednesday

Not much happened in the studio today, mostly because I haven’t yet settled on a plan of action for this week’s book. Oh, it’s also my birthday. 🙂

I have a concept in mind and it involves superheroes. I’ve managed to figure out how to incorporate two of this week’s suggestions, but not the gerrymandering. That darn gerrymandering. It’s a toughie!

I think I want to make a flag book, but I’m not totally set on it. I also bought some red satin, but that may not make it into the final book either. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to show today because my worktable is bare. Sadness.

I have added inspirations to my Book Arts Improv Pinterest board, so you can see what I’ve been pondering.

One of these week’s questions was about a cereal that had never been invented and the answer was Amazeballs. The funny thing I found was that the cereal already exists! Well, at least it does as one box created by Kellogg’s UK. Read more about it here.

4 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday”

By dorsey hogg - 16 January 2014 Reply

Good luck! With every start of an inspired project I tend to make an order from (mostly books), a couple of the spines from the past haven’t even been broken. I just got a box today- we will see if elements of the books inside end up surfacing as beasts or botanicals!

By Elissa - 18 January 2014 Reply

Dorsey –

Good luck with your B.A.G. entry. I might use last week’s Improv book for my entry, but I’m not sure.


By Amy - 16 January 2014 Reply

Happy belated birthday!

By Elissa - 18 January 2014 Reply

Thanks Amy!


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