Worktable Wednesday

I am thrilled to say that I have finally completed the last of my Book Arts Improv editions. It took so much longer than I had anticipated.

This particular book, DOs and DON’Ts for Not Being a Dumbass, gave me a lot of trouble. If you read my blog post about it’s original creation, you’ll see that I used watercolor paints to stamp images on the pages of my book. Unfortunately, the water content weakened the folds of the panel book and caused the pages to tear apart. You can see this in the image below.


As a result, I had to start the entire book over again from scratch. I decided to just use ink pads to stamp the images, hoping that the moisture content was minimal enough to cause no damage to the pages. Thankfully, the book seems to have remained stable.


I also had some problems with my folding of the pages, but I finally managed to overcome that issue. I am so excited that I completed this edition of five! I can now send out the book to my very patient winner. 🙂


So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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