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bookbinding translated into other languagesI am so addicted to Pinterest. I love love love looking at pictures of handmade books and reading tutorials. I want to make all the things.

To tap into the bookbinding mojo on Pinterest, I usually just search for boards using the term. This will get you into some pretty awesome stuff.

But if you’re like me, you want more. It’s really fun to tap more into the international community of bookbinding by searching for images and boards using terms in foreign languages. Enter The Multilingual Bookbinding/Conservation Dictionary Project, compiled by Suzy Morgan and Peter D. Verheyen.

 The goal of this project is to combine, in one place, all the known bookbinding and book conservation terminology, in as many languages as possible. We are also including both current and archaic terms, to make the dictionary useful for both practicing conservators and bookbinders, as well as book history scholars. There are already a variety of multi-lingual dictionaries in existence, but none so comprehensive as what we envision for this project. In essence, we have taken every available multi-lingual dictionary of bookbinding, conservation or library words, and combined them.

Specifically, they offer an awesome reference list.

But even that isn’t enough for me. I got really geeky and translated the word bookbinding into other languages using Nice Translator and Google Translate. This gave me lots of options for finding stuff – give international searching a try!

Catalan: l’enquadernació
Czech: vazba knihy
Danish: bogbinding
Dutch: Boekbinden
Estonian: raamatuköitmine
Finnish: kirjansidonta
French: reliure
German: Buchbinden
Haitian Creole: relyeuz
Hungarian: Könyvkötészet
Icelandic: bókbandi
Indonesian: penjilidan buku
Irish: leabharcheangal
Italian: legatoria
Latvian: gramatsiešanas
Lithuanian: knygrišys
Malay: penjilid buku
Maltese: legatura
Norwegian: bokbinding
Polish: introligatorstwo
Portuguese: Encadernação
Romanian: legatorie
Slovak: knihár
Slovenian: knjigovez
Spanish: encuadernación
Swahili: jalada
Swedish: bokbinderi
Turkish: ciltçilik
Welsh: rhwymwr llyfrau

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By Suzy Morgan - 13 November 2014 Reply

Thanks for the testimonial! 🙂 Also, the dictionary is now a WIKI, which is a lot easier to manage and more collaborative – and what I’d originally wanted to do with the project in the first place.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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