Worktable Wednesday

Today I worked on preparing for tonight’s leather journal class at Studio Place Arts. These are the three bindings I’ll be teaching:

Handmade leather journals by Elissa Campbell

I have a tendency to forget things if they’re not written down, so I created a checklist to help me remember what to pack for my classes.

Bookbinding workshop checklist

For this particular class, I’m teaching three signature bindings with leather covers. Because the journals are small, it’s hard to teach the stitching to a class so that everyone can see.

To address this issue, I’ve been working with posters that replicate the binding patterns on the spines. The larger size helps folks to understand where the holes are punched. I attach these posters to an easel and use hemp cord to sew the bindings.

Leather journal binding poster model

I think that this method has been very successful and I’ve received positive feedback about it. Obviously, it helps to be able to see what an instructor is doing and it’s great to not have to leave your seat.

I’ve been thinking about using peg board to make more sturdy binding models, but I’m not there yet. I worry that they might be too heavy for travel.

Here’s a shot of my workshop staging area – the hallway outside my studio (my husband tolerates a lot). I like to remove things from my studio when they’re ready to be packed in the van so I don’t forget anything.

Piles of bookbinding workshop materials

I’m looking forward to tonight’s class!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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