Open Studio Weekend recap

This past weekend I participated in the third annual Fall Vermont Open Studio Weekend. As always, it begins with the cleaning of the studio.

Blue Roof Designs studio


Blue Roof Designs studio


Wiggum was not pleased with the amount of work I made him do and staged a sit in (lay down) in my studio in protest.

Silver standard poodle laying on the floor

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, here are some more pictures of my oh-so-clean studio (and parts of the hallway).

Bookshelves full of handmade books

Bookshelves full of handmade books

Handmade books on top of flat files

I love my flat files

Desk with letterpress and handmade books

My little baby Kelsey – I love you

Bookshelves full of handmade artists' books

I’ll be participating in Open Studio Weekend in spring 2014 (Memorial Day weekend), so mark your calendars now – I’d love to have you come!

2 Responses to “Open Studio Weekend recap”

By velma - 7 November 2013 Reply

i wish vermont was just a little bit closer–anyway, your kelsey looks like mine. i replaced the rollers and three summers ago they just melted off and now are a weird puddle under the press. i’m told it’s not an uncommon thing by my letterpress peeps!

By Elissa - 7 November 2013 Reply

Velma –

Rollers melt? I have mine all wrapped up. I’ll have to make sure they’re not a pile of goo.


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