Worktable Wednesday

This morning I spent time completing my recycled books that would be part of my display at Axel’s Frame Shop and Gallery during Revitalizing Waterbury‘s Art in the Alley. There was a lot that wasn’t finished.



Then I got to pack everything up. Wiggum offered absolutely no help at all. Lazy bum.


Once at Axel’s, it was a mad dash to get everything set up in time. Here’s my display of books that dealt directly with the event’s theme of Up-cycle, Re-Purpose, Re-Use, Innovate!


Handmade books with gift card covers

I can never seem to throw away empty gift cards

The books below on the left are primarily covered in envelope security patterns, which I love to play with. The books on the right are covered in catalog pages and printed shopping bags. Between these and my gift card books, I gave my Zutter Bind-it-All a real workout this week.

Handmade books made with recycled materials

I brought work with me that didn’t have recycled components, but since all of the page paper I use has some post-consumer recycled content, I decided that it was okay.

Handmade books with Japanese papers

I loved being able to display my Off Leash line of photo albums on this strange tiger rug. They went together like cats and dogs.

Handmade photo albums for dog lovers

Handmade photo albums by Elissa Campbell of Blue Roof Designs

Many thanks to Whitney at Axel’s for being such a gracious host during the event. I had a blast!

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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