The Playful Artist’s Book with Julie Chen – Day 8

Today was the day I feared most – assembly of the game board. I should probably clarify this, in that the fear was of messing up the assembly of the game board. I had just enough pressure printed paper to get the job done, with no extra.

No room for error. That’s not scary or anything.

So I started by plotting out the spaces that would be stamped with my hand-carved rubber stamps – question marks for Chance, trash cans for Purge, and open boxes for the “nothing exciting happens” spaces. I managed to get the stamping done without any incident.

Hand stamped presssure printed paper

Then I assembled the board. Sorry I didn’t take more pictures of the process, but now you can see how each of my magnetic walls attaches to a central, hexagonal piece. All of the rectangular panels are hinged, so they swing up and attach to the steel pieces embedded in my hexagonal tray.

Here’s what the game board looked like before I added filler paper to the panels to level out the surface with the bookcloth (and cover the magnets):


And tada! Here’s what it looked like when it was finished:


Then came the time for me to stamp the piece of pressure printed paper for the center of my game board. Again, I remind you that I had no more paper to cover any mistakes. Welcome to my anxiety day.


So I was able to complete that task successfully, phew! But the worst was yet to come. I still had to glue the stamped papers down to the main game board structure. PVA and I have a long history and it hasn’t always been pretty. Did I mention that this was my anxiety day?


But Elissa prevails! Paper was successfully glued and no screaming and/or swearing took place during the completion of my game board.

I’m realizing as I type this that in describing all of this work, it sounds like it happened rather quickly. I assure you, it did not. I think I put in a 12ish hour day today.

By the way, I also finished my lid today, but managed to not take any pictures of it. Sadness.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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