The Playful Artist’s Book with Julie Chen – Day 7

Today I put the tray divider into my hexagonal box and covered the floor. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Little dabs of super glue were used to help secure the top corners of the wall.


Then I had to stamp the back of my game cards. The Purge cards were stamped with garbage cans and the Chance cards were stamped with question marks. There was a lot of stamping. It stopped being fun after a while.

Hand-stamped board game cards

With the clock ticking away, it was time to get started on my game board. The plan is for the board to wrap around the sides of the tray, with the sides being held in place with magnets. Each panel of the game board has a magnet embedded in it. The panel consists of three layers of material, which allows the magnet to lie flush with the rest of the panel.


There are six panels in all, one for each side of the hexagonal tray. These will be attached to a central hexagon, which will be the center of my game board. If this doesn’t make sense yet, it should tomorrow after it’s assembled. Trust me – it’s all coming together.


Julie showed us how to wrap a circular piece of board in paper (it was a spinner base). During the demo, I got the one tip I’ve been missing that will make all of my circles super-happy (and me too!). Here’s the procedure:

  • Glue the paper to the piece of board and trim the excess to leave a 1/2″ margin around the outside.
  • Cut slits in the margin, but stop at a board’s thickness away from the edge (this tip was worth the price of admission).
  • The slits should create tabs that are 3/16″ wide.
  • Glue the tabs and wrap around the edges of the circle, using your bonefolder to secure.

Today’s notable quotes from Julie:

“Send in the squirrels.”

“In the fall, thoughts turn to PVA.”

“If you can’t fix it, feature it.”

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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