The Playful Artist’s Book with Julie Chen – Day 6

I spent a chunk of time today covering my hexagonal tray.

 Wrapping hexagonal box in bookcloth

To help me wrap the bookcloth around the bottom of the box, I propped it up on a brick. It was the perfect size and height.

Hexagonal box covered in bookcloth

Julie advised me on how to address gluing the corners, using nifty snips and triangles.

Covering hexagonal box with bookcloth - in process

Covering hexagonal box with bookcloth - in process

From her mouth to my brain – I messed it up, even after watching her demonstrate it. Even after taking pictures of her demo and looking at them a gazillion times. I hate when that happens. Luckily, you can’t see the error because it’s so teeny.

Hexagonal box covered in bookcloth

Now I just need to put in the divider and cover the bottom with bookcloth.

Next, I spent a couple of hours in front of the dry mount press working on my game cards. I had typed them all up on the computer and printed them out. Then I used my pressure printed paper for the backside of the cards and laminated them together. Lastly, I cut them down to size.

Laminated game cards

This is really starting to look like a game now!

Lastly, I carved two stamps – one a small trash can and one a small question mark. These will be used for marking off game spaces on my board.

Today I offer quotes of the day from Shawn Simmons, (a.k.a. Violet Femme – too cool) our class technical assistant:

“Measure twice, ask Julie, cut once.”

“Don’t creep on my space.”

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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